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  • Jenna Marie

    just roll duct tape or magazine strips and hot glue them together. #DIY #crafts #recycle

  • Bernadette Sonnier

    Here's an easy and attractive repurposing idea: Cut old magazines into colored strips and hot glue them together. If you like, drop in a "disposable" cup to use as an eye-catching vase.

  • Nicole Keller

    rainbow vase just roll paper and hot glue them together : )

  • Paula Brown

    Just Magazine Strips and Hot Glue Vase | This Rainbow colored Vase is made entirely from PAPER! I carefully cut each strip of paper, roll the strips into paper reeds, roll the reeds into paper wheels, glue them all together, and add an extra coat of special paper glue to the interior for durability. The paper I used is collected from magazines, candy wrappers, catalogs, newspaper sale pages and coupon circulars. | Via: ref:

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