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Coconut Oil Recipes - Hundreds of Recipes using Coconut Oil! Having an auto-immune disease and reading about the benefits of Coconut Oil, I bought some without a clue what to do with it until I found this site. Tons of great recipes.

Biotin makes hair and nails grow fast and thick. It's good for your skin and gives it a pseudo-tan glow all year long. It also helps prevent grays and hair loss.

from Dr Akilah - Celestial Healing Wellness Center

Foods That Look Like Body Parts They’re Good For

Nature Pharmacy Mushrooms improve hearing abilities, since they contain vitamin D, which is healthy for bones, especially the 3 tiny bones in the ear that tranmit sound to the brain. Diesnt it resemble the shape of the human ear when sliced in half.

from Redbook

The Best Healthy, Savory Popcorn For Movie Night Is Finally Here

Joyus--popcorn flavors Butter & Sea Salt, Maple & Sea Salt, or Parmesan & Rosemary