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  • Caitlin Diel

    paint samples for teaching contractions: clever idea, and those paint strips are free! i always love looking at the colors, now i can look at them AND help kids learn with them!

  • Erin Myers

    paint chips to teach contractions Who knew you could do so much with paint strips.

  • Tiffany Alexander

    Language Arts Paint Chip Contractions   Here’s a colorful way for students to practice forming contractions! Make a chart containing words that make up contractions and place it at a center. Also provide a variety of four-color paint chips, paper, and pens. A child selects a paint chip and writes in the first two boxes two words from the chart that, when combined, form a contraction as shown. Next, he writes the new ending (including the apostrophe) in the fourth box. He accordion-folds the last two squares so that the ending replaces the second word to form the contraction. He repeats the process twice and then uses each contraction in a sentence.

  • Gwen Jung

    paint chips contractions - amazing !...I have spent enough at Lowe's/Home Depot to take some free paint swatches I would say...

  • Cassie Smith

    paint cards to teach contractions - Love it...Will be doing this! Cute and cheap!

  • Celia *💄* Stevens

    great way to teach contractions - with paint color strips!

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Great ideas and the kids feel so smart and clever when they do these paper folding projects.

The kids got masks & surgical gloves and then went to town with their scalpels {scissors} cutting apart words and then bandaging new words {contractions} together. I put them in small ‘surgical teams’ and each doctor got to perform surgery while the other team members assisted in surgery if the doc needed help. I took all the bandaged words and then made a little anchor chart{ish} to remind the kids what we learned.

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This site has a bunch of great reading activities! I love the paint chip contractions!

Contraction kites. This would be a great activity to do in class. Do one as an example, then assign a contraction to each student. Once they've finished, hang them in the hall or around the wall.

" CONTRACTION SURGERY" I absolutely LOVE this idea!! How much FUN would this be to teach? No to mention the KIDS would love it and I'm sure they would Never forget it!!:D

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Oh. My. Word. Contraction surgery! What a spectacular idea. I will totally be doing this with my first graders. That is if we teach contractions. :o) Otherwise, I'll be sharing the idea!

Contractions surgery. They also have CTP's Dots on Black Cards as name tags on their desks!

Contraction Kites-Do at word work and when they're done they hang from the ceiling over their desk area.