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“There are, as you read this, uncounted millions of people who now go through life without any source of real, vibrant kick. The legions of the unjazzed.  But surfers have found one way. God knows, there are other ways. Each to his special danger. Skiing is not enough. Sailing is near. Ski-jumping almost. Automobile racing has got it. Bullfighting makes you dead. The Answer is surfing.”

Surfing the biggest waves in the world, Action Sports Hub will bring you the best of the best in the extreme world of sports.

Some girls were born w/glitter running through their veins.

kelia moniz "Some girls were born with glitter running through their veins" but others born to surf

happily // ✧

happily // ✧

What Iwouldnt give to have been that person on the surf board!! Beautiful Dolphin!

Matt Hutton photography of surfer Trent Sherborne turning just as a dolphin dives next to him at Kalbarri Beach, Western Australia

I have a lot of respect for surfers. They choose to get up early out of their warm beds and go surfing in the cold water for hours, until their fingers shrivel up. They endure belly rashes, wipeouts, and exhaustion, all for the sport they love. Surfing...

tranquil excitement surging on ocean sea water blue clear green Aqua surfing Hawaii island paradise