(LOVE) Grooms nightstand picture... Now thats so much better than a boudoir shot, its actually able to be displayed...

Love this shot

I have to have this shot!!

"Just for him" wedding shot

For his nightstand

I love how the focus is on the groom, instead of just the bride for once. Love love love!!

Love this shot

Picture for the Groom on the Wedding Day....and then to put on his nightstand!

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

Lovely shot of the bride putting her dress on.

Every girl would die for this shot

love love love this shot!!!!

Make sure to squeeze your whole family into at least one picture!

Would love if we could capture the same happiness we have in our other picture together (:

Take a picture with each of the bridesmaids, let them choose the pose. Send each girl a thank you note with your picture together. I love this idea

And then everyone in the groom's party revealed they were superheros. why do i know whoever i marry, itll be someone who wants this?! haha

Love this idea.

How gorgeous are the boys' here in their Summer wedding attire (and probably a lot easier for the Groom, if truth be told!). Don't forget lads, this may look great but it is easy to get not only a red wine stain, but a tearful Mother, wife and dear Aunt May's mascara and lipstick mark that will ruin your future photos. Keep the travel size Garment Groom Stain Remover & Clothes Refresher close at hand. Shhh.... you will also smell great!

Love this for a private album. Tattoo bride