Robin Meade. I'd go gay for that.

Army Wives

El dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), genio médico poco convencional e inconformista, encabeza un equipo de diagnóstico en el ficticio Hospital Universitario Princeton-Plainsboro de Nueva Jersey.

The Talk

goin to the JS bitch!!!!

Storage Wars

practice safe sex everyone....

SyFy Television

I am soooooo addicted to Sookie and her "crew"!

total addict ;-p

This show is super funny! I hope he never gets to tell his kids how he met their mother!

what up

King of Queens... Hilarious!


The Strain + Guillermo del toro= mind blown!! Cant wait to see this!!! Need to read the books!

Oh how I love the geeky scientists...Lenard and Sheldon you are awesome!

Shante you stay... and that's the T.

Prometheus trailer

The Following...Awesome show!!!


Oh how bittersweet it is...