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loves me...loves me not

Darling grey kitten playing w/pink flower. Looks like Lucky when he was a baby!

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angel-kiyoss: Adorables ❤ Imagine that this cat could still be alive when this baby/ human is in it's or at least in their . How wonderful to grow up with your very best friend from the cradle.

Miss Meshuggah

After picking the Internet's smiliest cat, now we're on a mission to find the world's fluffiest cat.


The truth about cats is that they are loving, caring, intelligent and affectionate like any other pet. Cats have their own unique identity.


The name caracal comes from the Turkish word ‘karakalak’ which means ‘a black ear.’ It is a medium-sized animal native to the deserts and savannahs of Africa, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and the Caspian Sea coast.

Cats can sleep anywhere

Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

Sometimes I'm so tired I wish I could just sleep anywhere like this little guy.

Baby kitten drinking every last drop pf milk out of the super tiny baby bottle