• Artsy Phartsie

    illustration, animal, bird, chicken, egg, graphic design, typography

  • PNW Homesteader

    Lots of people ask me if we have a Rooster and we do not because we live in the city. here is an illustration of the reproductive cycle of a hen and why you do not need a Rooster. Unless you want chicks. :)

  • Kim Babcock

    I like the bottom where the rooster gives the hen a "big hug"!

  • Laura Borealis

    The Reproductive Cycle of the Chicken OR Why You Don’t Need a Rooster to Make An Egg is the first in a series of science posters from Switcheroo.

  • Brittany Myers

    animal science

  • Melissa Gustafson

    Reproductive cycle of the Chicken FYI. Great poster for teaching kids and other unfarmy folk that want to know. :)

  • Dana Willett

    chickens. #infographic #chicken #egg #lifecycle #graphicart #chick #hen #rooster

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