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So today, a customer's total was $23.19. I was excited af and I went on the intercom and said, "We have a 2319! I repeat, WE HAVE A 2319!!"

Dummies of the Yearfrom Dummies of the Year

19 Funny Animal Pictures for Today

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TEXAS — A Texas teenager’s Tweets have social media cracking up at what happened when her mom stumbled upon what she thought was drugs in her bedroom. Ashley Banks posted screenshots o…

Me as a Parent Son: Mommy, I can't sleep. There's a monster in my closet. Me: That's silly, there's no mons- OH LAWD, IT'S TEARING MY ARM OFF! Just kidding, he only eats kids, goodnight!

He texted me, "your adorable." I responded with, "no, you're adorable." Now he thinks I like him when all I did was point out his grammar mistake.

Rofl lol #maxgamer27 everyone friend him and get him to friend me back plz thx friends