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  • Jean Fitch

    Great idea to use with die cuts from Stampin' Up dies to create the foam stamps too. - Make your own stamps with foam sheets and wood blocks! via Lines Across--can get wood pieces from Home Depot for next to nothing, and glue on foam sheets with craft glue. Could be great for making stamps (cheaply) for room, or having kids design their own stamps for classroom use!

  • Gemma Mol

    [DIY] In this pin, designs are cut out of craft foam sheets and glued to small wooden blocks to make stamps. These DIY stamps would be great to use on all kinds of decor projects!

  • Perrine Sauvage

    pour fabriquer ses tampons

  • Barbara Aragon

    Make your own stamps with foam sheets and wood blocks! via Lines Across What you need: 1. Craft foam sheets 2. Glue + Scissors 3. Small wooden block 4. Ink What you do: 1. Cut out the shapes that you want. (Remember the stamp will be a mirror image) 2. Cover the wooden block with a layer of glue. 3. Place the foam pieces on the block. Press down to make sure that they all dry flat.

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I've got a ton of craft foam that I really should use up and this seems like a great way to do it. I love making stamps too, so any design requests or suggestions are appreciated :)

Hand Carved Stamp flower 189 by TATAindianwoodstamps on Etsy. , via Etsy.

Foam stamps SET 1, hand carved, mixed mediasellos 13 de espuma tallada a mano con una herramienta de pirograbado en goma espuma extra gruesa (I truco que aprendí de artista Mindy Lacefield!).

Stamping with styrofoam.

ummm.... lets make these. handmade stamps. Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Larson Floral Studio

Making foam stamp blocks using self-adhesive craft foam and wooden blocks. Great for kids (and adults too!)

adhesive foam sheets. You can just draw right on them with a ballpoint pen, and that leaves enough of a depression to make an instant stamp. Plus, the foam squishes in a really satisfying way as you draw. Quick, easy, inexpensive, endless possibility.

sweet, sweet DIY stamp.- easy!! You could even glue the stencil to the bottom of a cork to make it even more cost friendly :)

wood block stamps - these patterns would be great for machine quilting practice - print, dry & stitch.

Stamps made out of craft foam