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Raising quail for eggs - I want quail to run around in the green house for bug control with a run outside attached. Meat, eggs and bug control

Coturnix Quail are easy to raise in almost any climate and thrive in either an urban or rural setting.They can provide low-cost meat and eggs and they mature in just 6-7 weeks. Many choose to keep just a couple of males for breeding purposes. The hens are extremely quiet and are so low-profile and quiet that your neighbors might not even realize that they are there!

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Raised-bed vegetable garden. This would be awesome! Fresh veggies without weeding or watering :) that's my kinda garden! :)

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The BBC made a series about farm life in 1620 called "Green Valley" - they butcher a hog; build an outhouse; thatch a roof; wattle and daub; rope from straw ... All 12 videos available in full.

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