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These are the movies I grew up watching. (: loved all of them.

we had these books and we would look at them over and over and over!

#spiritsays: Staring at the hand puppet’s mouth as it moves up, down and side to side, your finger itches for the munching maneuvers to settle so it can make its pick. You’ve had a mouthful of guidance — it’s time to choose.

Kids totally acted like this toy was the same as watching TV --Kitschy Living

Serendipity Books. We had ask of them, and my mom read them to my brothers and I every night before bed.

What a great man. I loved the scenes at the little house, but did not like the odd goings-on in the imaginary world. I liked his sand table, and how he'd visit factories and show the video on picture-picture.

ahhhh!!! the only thing missing is The Wild Thornberry's and this is basically everything I grew up watching♥

Hannah Miller Stephanie Weinman Amanda Henry From our 1994 video!!! Also performed: "Rowl Oveh" (Stephanie!), "Following the Leader"

It Takes Two This was one of my FAVORITE Movies!! My mom brought it home when I was sick when I was little and I watched it at least 2, maybe 3 times in a row! Ha! I would quote along with the whole movie!

I saw this and thought "huh i bet this is what it will look like when Eliora Shalom comes to catch up over tea...our daughters close by, watching a disney movie."