Then everyone thinks you're just a bandwagon-er...

The beauty of reading.

99.9% true

It's so true. I feel like I have betrayed the book by watching the movie first.

So true!

That's me!

So true.

"My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt." | Quotes about books | The bookish life | Reading is a great arm workout!

Oh, so true!

This is so me.

This happens way too often...


no kindles. no ipads. none of that crap.

saved on my phone, so it's always accessible at any time I happen to find myself in the vicinity of a bookstore and it on my Amazon Wish List


Definitely! :)

Problems of a Book Nerd

Yeah :)

I loved reading way before kindle made it cool. Although I do love my kindle, I still love me some books.

I’m sorry. This book is a lot more interesting then whatever you are talking about.

Oh yes!