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Roberta Flack was another one that I was in love with as a kid. My mom took me to see a show of her's in Central Park. Her voice and her look was just too sexy for me to handle as a kid of 13. Years later I got a call to play guitar for her on a tour and she was having the exact same effect on me again. I must say focusing on 'Killing Me Softly' was TOO HARD ;)

When I was a kid my mother played this record until the grooves wore out. Aretha was and is LADY SOUL. Years later I met and worked with legendary producer Arif Mardin who did some work on this record. He shared a lot of interesting things about those sessions. I love this record.

'Road Ladies' man I loved that song. It wasn't until I started traveling on the road that made the song stick out in my head. Another great one by ZAPPA!

Janis Joplin was rough. I don't know how old I was when this record came out, perhaps 13 or 14 but this record and Janis musically turned me out. I saw the film Monterey Pop when it came out and was blown away by the groups performance, saw them live, which was my first concert experience. The Robert Crumb artwork and the live recording at the Fillmore West made me want to move out to San Fransisco.

This became my favorite Donovan record back when it first came out. I loved the songs and the instrumentation's. Later i discovered the title track had Jimmy Page playing guitar on it and also I believe Eddie Kramer engineered it. This record brings back memories for me.

I'm being honest when I say I was too young to get into this record, my ears were not mature enough. I tried to like it because the cover was cool looking and I loved their image. When my cousin played it I remember thinking to myself what the fuck is this. I would give listen after listen. Today this record is still one of my favorites.

This was the second BD record I got and loved the songs images...I gave up on tryin' to figure out what he was singing about so I just saw pictures as he sang. I really appreciated this record. The cover photo is hip too.

now this record is pure funk...instrumentals at that. I always found the the title a little funny because it says he directs and dances, as if you can see him dancing on the record, still it's funky.

Again being in high school, there were these two amazing sax players who played in a band with me who brought this record over to my house. I loved hearing Joe Henderson on this record and it was my first introduction to George Benson. Freddie Hubbard was Baaaaaaad!

My first Charles LLoyd record, I was in high school and I loved how music was being mixed together and excepted by a different audience.

Now this record I played from beginning to end and loved every song. The band kicks ass on this one.

Issac Hayes was brought to my attention by Joe Striplin, the brother of singer Sylvia Striplin. He and I both caught Isaac Hayes promoting this record with a trio at the Fillmore East. Later on Isaac Hayes became a MEGA super star.

Once again thanks to my cousin, I had the experience of being blown away by Jimmy Page and company...whoa!

the In middle school I got turned onto Sly & The Family Stone. They were way ahead of their time way ahead.

The Chambers Brothers - Love, Peace and Happiness...I LOVED these guy's and played this record to death. This was a cross over group who got airplay on rock stations and not so much on black radio. Soul/ Rock...not a label but a feeling.

This was my first Dylan record. I'll never forget how it came with a poster inside.

This was freaky and funky Miles all rolled up as one and the inside photos were hip to check out.

I bought this record the day it came out. I remember all my heavy jazz friends gave me a lot of grief about it. Outside of Tony Williams Lifetime this record in my opinion was one of the first fusion records, if not the first.

A drummer friend from childhood, Danny Simpson first played this for me and I followed Santana ever since.

My sister was the one who turned me onto Donovan. It was his later stuff that I really dug though.

Loved the Doors, they seemed sought of jazzy to me, I don't know why but they did.

Being more of a Beatles fan vs. Stones there was still something that drew me into this record. Maybe it was the strawberry short cake looking cover!

When I first heard this record I thought it was scratched but it was the way it was recorded. That's what made it so great not to mention how amazing the tunes were and the band themselves.

It took me a little while to get into this record but when it hit it hit.

This Zappa record was great 'Willie the Pimp' was played to death. I always loved the chick looking kind of spooky n shit!