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Available for sale from Weston Gallery, Paul Coghlin, Inquisitive Fawn Archival Pigment Print on Fine Art Paper, 11 × 11 in

★ L' Etoile | Deer

Oh deer - or - Cute baby deer in winter wonderland fine art photograph.

(hedgehog igel egel)

Hedgehog examining its reflection --- Hedgy likes Miss Jastor's garden.

goose.  I miss the trio of geese we had growing up. They liked to eat the dog food and would have conversations with the cat through the screened windows.

Once at the san diego wildlife park I saw two ducks and it looked like one was saying "Lets go back to the pond!" As it was snapping at the other duck, when the other duck was saying "I'm going shopping!' Ducks are HILARIOUS!

Donkey Sings Happy Birthda

Happy Birthday to You! Cute little puppy sings his very own funny version of the funny Happy Birthday to You song, just for you! For more Funny Birthday Son.

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Which to turkey bacon. Pigs do not have the necessary enzymes to rid the body of toxin ingested so these toxins are stored in the fat and liver of the animals. There's a reason the Bible listed the pig as an unclean animal.