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I've always loved Cameron Diaz. Maybe cuz we grew up in the same 'hood.

Cameron Diaz O.K.....I really loved Cameron Diaz and then a friend told me someone she knew had met her and she was really rude, and arrogant, so that kind of put her in the negative for me..But she deserves a space under Beautiful.

Cameron Diaz. Apparently my body double...I'll take it.

A Light or True Spring, YangNatural body. Looks great. Perfect isn't necessary to improve our appearance massively. White pants are easiest on Bright Seasons, but here, fabric is lightweight and the colour is not under her chin. White is light and it reflects light - Spring loves both those. I keep thinking the belt is cutting her in half, or is somehow not needed. Necklace and earrings would help draw the eye upwards.

Heath Ledger via 10 Things I Hate About You

Johnny Depp stars in the movie Chocolat...he would make very nice arm candy in most any setting.

Meg Ryan..Always did like her in movies, every movie she is adorable! This pictures best shows her personality :)

Bette Davis in "Jezebel" -- I freaking love this movie!

John Cusack He'll kinda always be Lloyd Dobler to me... Thus ruining realistic expectations of romance. :P

Josh Hutcherson wins Best Male Performance and Best Fight Scene