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Organize all those cars. Magnet on the bottom, BAM! Stick them to the wall.

DIY IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms: GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack repurposed as a wall storage for toy cars.Ikea magnetic knife rack for car storage. Yes! Keeps the favorites handy and off the floor (saving my bare feet in the dark).

Holding Toys for Ransom: Kids must do chores to get them back. --You left it out, mom picked it up, shes got your stuff, youre out of luck, to get it back, must do a chore, again it is yours, just like before

Toy Ransom Card - mom picks up a toy that has been left out, child must do a chore to get it back. >> I don't now if i have enough chores for all the toys that get left out inmy house!

The zoo

41 Clever Organizational Ideas For Your Child's Playroom

"storage ideas - stuffed animal zoo" I had a giant hanging hammock above my bed that held all my stuffed animals when I was a kid. But the whole idea of building a little cage and calling it "The Zoo" to hold animals is adorable.

Lego Storage Ideas. Very cool!  Space them enough for 7- and and 4-year old fingers to grab...

Lego Storage Ideas

Minifigure storage -get a glass picture frame. put the color of paper you want inside the frame. super glue the bricks to the glass and snap your figures into the bricks! my future kids will play with legos. lots of legos.

Organizing kids stuff

I love the planter idea in the bottom right for storing stuffed animals. Tips for kids room organization

Storage and Organization for Kid’s Bedroom Ideas Pictures

Art Clear kitchen canisters look (and work!) great as dresser-top storage for kids favorite small toys. When theyre past the crayon-and-army-men stage, the same containers can be used for storing hair accessories, belts or art supplies. kid-s-room-ideas

We don't have dolls... But we have a ton of stuffed animals. On the list for summer projects!

Attempting Aloha: Think outside the {toy} Box - Over 50 Organizational Tips for Kids' Spaces - necessary Barbie doll storage!

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7 unique storage ideas for kid rooms

Must do for Wyatts room

Buckets and Zip Ties--Great storage idea for a play room. Just drill small holes in the buckets' edges and connect with zip ties. Buckets can be found at craft stores. This would make a great nesting boxes for the chicken coop.

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28 Genius Ideas and Hacks to Organize Your Childs Room

Storage for metal toy Matchbox cars in playroom. From "a LO and behold life: DIY Matchbox Car Garage" for the playroom