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  • ReFab Diaries | Candice C.

    Use an old sock to make a hobby horse (stick horse)

  • Mary Elizabeth Voyles

    stick horse tutorial, out of a sock - great gift idea!

  • Helen Cross

    DIY gifts for kids, DIY gifts, DIY stick horse

  • PJ WS

    Derby Game/activity ... DIY stick horse, easy version - add plastic eyes ahead of time. Kids stuff socks and tied strands of yard together for hair. Moms glued hair on by the knots with glue gun (8 knotted 4-strand pieces works well). Kids cut out ears with kid's scissors and Moms glued them on. Tied leather straps on noses and heads onto sticks. Turned out super cute. Got wool socks (kid sock which is less costly - but makes smaller head) and sticks (cut in half to get 2 out of each) on Amazon.

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Stick ponies for lil cow pokes. :) My brother had one of these my mom made (crocheted the head) and took it EVERYWHERE - he ended up with his picture in the paper. That was the early 80's. I still have the newspaper clipping - makes me smile. :)

I'm so making on of these! (or rather two of these as I have two kids)

Making for Winstons party! Stick Horse #Diy

Tutorial - Stick horse

Wool sock, old mop / broom stick, yarn, mop string, clothes line, buttons, felt, big jingle bells... how simple, dependding on your skills this can be a no sew craft, use hot glue and zip ties to secure stuffed horse head to the stick.... too funny, use striped socks... great friend for your sock monkey!

Felt Stick Horse Tutorial [I believe children need rocking horses but have made my share of hobby horses when needed. Never used felt, boot socks as far as I recall. Anyway, these look pretty snazzy, don't you think? — 23-08-13]

stuffed animal plushie horses. If our little girl is anything like me she would love to have a horse like this in each color.