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Sophie was an innocent 16 year old. That all ended when she started talking Kyle Stamos. He liked her a lot but Amber didn't know how she felt.Sophie liked som...

i love it when we randomly end up in the rain with minimal amounts of clothes on and we both look hott........... .. .. . . ...

Love is every were. You just have to look for it, but if you can not find love, love will find you. I just my prince will came and find me. Yes i know it will hand when it hand. i just wish that it will still be a teenager. Abby

100 Inspirational Quotes That Summarize The Wisdom About Life

Übrigens, ich trage das Lächeln, welches du mir ins Gesicht gezaubert hast. Noch mehr Sprüche rund um die Liebe gibt es auch auf

Sitting here daydreaming of being somewhere with you! Would love to be at the beach..taking a long walk..feeling the warm sun on our faces..the sound of the waves..stopping along I've missed u today!!!!!!!the way tp wrap my arms around U..sleeping late..long kisses..loving all night..would be so wonderful!! Love U!!!!!!