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Rainbow of the Week: A Year in the Life of Queen Elizabeth II's Closet in Vogue UK

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The Queen

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God Save


British Monarchy

Queen Elizabeth and her Troops #UK #British #England #best #unionjack

Queen S Tiaras

Royal Tiaras

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Royal Crowns

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Crowning Jewels

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Queen Elizabeth II #UK #British #England #best

Royal Jewels

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Queen Elizabeth the II #UK #British #England #best


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The Queen and Prince Philip 60 years later #UK #British #England #best

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Queen Elizabeth II

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The Terrier and Lobster: Queen Elizabeth II Stamp Rugs

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19 1999

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Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen 1939

HRH The Princess Elizabeth, afterwards Queen Elizabeth II

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The Queen of Fashion! See 'Style Icon' Queen Elizabeth's Best Looks

1982 Queen

Ii 1982

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queen elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth with her daughter, the future Elizabeth II

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Windsor Berkshire

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1940 S

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Queen Elizabeth

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indypendentroyalty: Queen Elizabeth II, 1967

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Queen Elizabeth

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boat #UK #British #England #best #unionjack

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Elizabeth 1947

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Elizabeth II 1952

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27 1953

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April 27

Mace (@RoyaleVision) | Twitter: Queen Elizabeth II, Life Magazine, April 27, 1953

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Margaret Rose

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The Princess

1935: Lady Elizabeth, the Duchess of York, is followed by her daughters, the 9-year-old Princess Elizabeth, right, the future Queen Elizabeth II, and 5-year-old Princess Margaret, arriving at London's Olympia for the Royal Tournament.

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Favorite Royals in History [4/∞] - Queen Elizabeth II On her accession on 6 February 1952, Elizabeth became Head of the Commonwealth and queen regnant of Commonwealth countries. 2012 was a milestone year for Elizabeth, as she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, and later the year, the Summer Olympics in London. Her reign of 61 years is currently the second longest for a British monarch; only Queen Victoria has reigned longer at over 63 years.