Flipping through albums in a record store...

45 record

sticky photo albums

We went to Mrs. Murphy's corner store on Main St. near our house and traded comic books and read them on the Sun Porch in the magenta platform loungchair.

I only had three 8 track tapes that I kept in my beat up Chevy where my eight track player was. No radio. All three were Keith Green albums. O how I loved driving that clunker singing along to keith green wherever I went!

VHS Video Store

S.S. Kresge stores - another 5 & 10 cent store I loved

I remember Charlie

Front page of the Daily Mail - 1977 - Elvis Presley dies, music mourns.

these used to be everywhere...

Record player..LP's and 45's

Paper bags used to be the only option when you went to the grocery store.

Pogo Stick...Jump around for hours trying to get in the Guinness Book of World Records. Ha!

I can still remember making these!

Stores had lunch counters.

I miss that store!

Grocery store beverage aisle when everything was still bottled in glass (circa 1980)

Fisher Price record player

Kinney Shoes was one of the largest and well known shoe chains. Like the Van's single stores, Kinney's were located in just about every shopping plaza worth a stop. Now, the single-standing full-service Kinney stores are merely a memory.

Dime Store