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The crayons are lined up along the edge and melted on a foam board using a heat gun. Specific heat is applied for the desired outcome of several defined drips. There is direct dripping from the crayon pieces that extends through the lower third of the board, with some drips extending all the way to the bottom. Wrappers are left on this piece to emphasized the melting of the crayons.

Heat crayons up with a blow dryer and draw on canvas or other porous surfaces. Layer different shades of the same color for the best effect.

Melted Crayon Art Christmas Tree Abstract by bighead417 on Etsy, $15.00

Winnie The Pooh Crayon Art. I NEED to make this... :)

Awesome idea for melted crayon art!

Christmas melted crayon art

Melted Crayon Art, this looks so fun to do with kids, and you can make so many creative art pieces. Heck yeah I'm doing this - Harper valentines day?

Iron crayon melting. Take shavings of the crayons and hold an iron 1-2 inches over so that they melt. Worked out very well and very colorful!