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why do i think of adventure time when i see this? hm, i think its the ornge lego. oh! and the legs and arms!

"I've never been a millionaire but I just know I'd be darling at it."- Holly Golightly Best movie ever.

I like her better Witherspoon.

Oooo awesome! I could have SO much fun with a pair of these :9

  • Megan Burg

    The one on the top is a bear track and the bottom is a dog track.

haha I could do that again!

There's a picture of me in my high school yearbook at a cross country meet. And this is what I really looked like!

Like the TV commerical says "Don't re enact Platoon scenes with Charlie Sheen..Which makes me crack up everytime I see it.... "Don't make my Shit List"....Because that won't crack me up . :/

50 Things You Didn't Need to Know. Just a side note.... We don't have a Canadian two dollar bill! : )


Blew my mind!! 22- yes it is possible, it just makes your eyes watery 28- Is that when you sleep with your mouth open? Eww! Good Thing i only sleep with my mouth open when i'm sick! 40- my grandpa told me that 26 - yeah, underline AVERAGE 50- I think I never want to eat a chocolate bar again :( - this comment was by Catie