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  • Cassandra Mae

    Funny animals hahahaha #dailyanimalpost #post #funny

  • Lauren Wicks

    and it's running away!!

  • Lauren Wall

    i want a great dane like this to pair up with a little black chihuahua. how cute! but i am more of a big dog person

  • Morgan Ernst

    this is so funny because my best friend has a huge great dane and I have a 4 pound Chihuahua

  • Frankie Hines

    humungus dogs | ... all the difference in body size between a big dog and a little dog

  • Jodie Somerville

    This is what i want! One big dog and one small dog :)


    Beautiful Great Dane, sporting his red dog bandanna is ready for anything! Even being taken for a walk by his little friend! #ModDog #GreatDane

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