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Cause you know she will. Stargate SG-1- oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Col. Jack O'Neill!!!! sigh

Remind me to harm Daniel severely. - Stargate SG-1

Ohh no they didn’t..!This is true genius, well done sir my hat is being tipped in you direction.

Stargate SG-1. This is such a cute line....He has his priorities straight.

[self] Kawoosh! I'm a Stargate! - Imgur

#Stargate Billionaire Ryan Mercer recently purchased controlling interest in Umbrella Corp

You mean you need someone dumber than you are? You may have come to the right place...

Always works! Unless there is a gate virus...or self destruct sequence...or...okay not always the best philosophy...Carter just fix it!!!

So glad Daniel did this, because I couldn't reach through the screen and hug Janet myself when she "came back"! :)

Spock is half human, it is only logical for him to have feelings + feelings run deeply within Vulcans, sometimes more deeply than in humans! and yes a big applause for a great recasting!

Johnlock has been here before the flipping titanic so it will survive! STOP BLOWING HOLES INTO MY SHIP!!!!!