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So remember wearing these and having to call my mom or dad to constantly tie the straps.

Cuz if you lived during the 80s you did this at one point or another

You weren't cool unless you wore three or more colors of slouch socks

Multi-color pens -- I loved these as a kid!

Slouch socks were not just tube socks pushed down. Ohhhh nooooo. They were made special so that their slouchie perfection might show up your tight-rolled high waisted jeans and Keds (or Reebok high tops).

If you're 30 something you know you rocked a few pair of these in your day! And probably layered them in the opposite direction on the other leg!

scrunchy socks with white keds!!!! I always wore 2 pairs at once for extra

Scrunch socks in multiple colors. I had to buy my LA Gear tennies a size bigger so I could fit two pairs of socks in them!

Stirrup Pants. Haha, how ugly were these? !?!

Slouched Socks & thanks to Punky Brewster, often 2 pairs reversed...You know if you did it :) lol