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strawberry delight

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such a cute quilt border

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LOVE this border!

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scrappy braid quilt

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delightful Dresden Appliques

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Quilting for first timers Look at her whole blog. you will be amazed and inspired

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Birdie quilt

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mn quilts

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

53 Quilts To Eye, Create, Or Buy

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Awesome colors and pattern.

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Love this little quilt!

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Such a delightful quilt! I want to make this!!

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adorable red & aqua daisy quilt

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Paper pieced bird- Cute!!

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My Red Door Designs @jo Walton

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Love how this border is quilted. Also the way the garland has the scallop look without having to do that. 20140805-200019-72019141.jpg

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Hearts Intertwined table runner pattern by Sandy Gervais

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owl quilt!! <3