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if this isn't the truth, I don't know what is. Can't help it, but it reminds me of Gin Blossoms lyrics "If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down." #lyrics #love #expectations

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“If you are not willing to look stupid, nothing great is ever going to happen to you.”

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This is so true.. to say it was a small part of my life seems like that's putting it lightly. Over thinking consumes you.


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So true!

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I've never felt so special, so loved in my whole life!!! My love for you continues to blow me away!!! I don't know how I survived all these years without you in my life!!! I will love you like you've never been loved!!


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Photo (Sunday Evenings.)

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It's both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply.



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He's all yours. As I told a girl once who called me up and asked me if I thought it was all right if she dated my current boyfriend. "If he'll have you, take him." He did. She did. They had some kids and then divorced. Real men can't be stolen.

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love this

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Favorite book ever!

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Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. So true. We did but realised that together is where we are meant to be. Couldn't ever bear the thought of being apart again......💋💜

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Sooo True

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them

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about to give up! which is hard for me to do but this quote is so right! ive reserved a spot in my heart but that spot is only get dust on it, and im worth more as a person then a hole full of dust. as hard as it is, it's about time to let go, and just move on! once its closed thought its closed. it wont open again!!!

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Must remember!

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Sometimes...the girl who's always been there for everyone else, needs someone to be there for HER! So true!

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