Maybe instead of having a house, i'll just have a jeep with a tarp. Then I don't have to worry about living in the same place for longer than 6 months.

My life would be complete if only this chopped jeep wagoneer were mine.

ok yes please ... want this jeep at the beach on way to surfing with my rad tanned toned sexy surf body ... hehe

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Five Epic Road Trips

summmer :) .

road trip


Jay-Z said he's not a businessman, but a "business, man." That pretty much sums up the the travel writers who are truly pulling it off today. They are full-time, location-independent "offices" who do everything: social media, promotion, marketing, pitching, networking, speaking, writing, taking pictures, and all the while writing stories. Perhaps this is the real reason why "travel writer" is so nebulous an occupation: The line between work and life has to be totally permeable.


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Land Rover Defender

Doesn't get much better for traveling the back country than a Jeep Wagoneer & camper. One day. . .

toyota fj

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Land Cruiser