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Kindergarten Author-Illustrator School Visit

Helping Hands! I love ours, though, because we paint their hands the 1st week of school and stamp them on white paper. I always making at least two so that I can laminate one for the Helping Hand at circle time and the other gets to go home! Helping Hands is a fantastic tool to use at home once they are used to the routine at school :)

How this teacher manages: instead of having classroom jobs, she had a boy and girl "helping hand" of the day. The two helpers were responsible for all of the classroom jobs (line leader, door holder, running errands, etc.) Just write each students' name on a cutout of a hand and hang the hands on the wall and flip the hands each day. It is such a super easy system, and it works out so that students get to be a helper about once every other week.

Shape mobile - patterns and shape each student create a string of patterned shapes to add to a group mobile hanging above their table group.

This is a nice idea for a birthday chart. Get kids to do their own candle and flame. Make generic cupcake patterns for each month.