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Emotional Intelligence mind map created by Nitya Wakhlu. The Emotional Intelligence Mind Map will help you to understand feelings and emotions. The Mind Map breaks down how emotions impact our daily life and work; including acknowledging and responding to our emotions and those of others, plus methods for confronting and processing emotions from awareness and discussion through to action. In addition the Mind Map highlights practices and techniques for... More mind maps @

The Behaviour Change mind map will help you to assess and learn what works and what doesn’t when changing behaviour. The Mind Map breaks down effective engagement and communication, community impact, leadership of self and others and incentives and rewards. In addition the mind map covers effective commitments, positive focus plus goal setting and targets.


Emotional Intelligence #infographic

Emotional Intelligence #Infographic #Emotion #Intelligence

Neuro Neuro Neuro... thank god for pictures like this so I can understand. - Re-pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Trauma dissociationfrom Trauma dissociation

Life with trauma and dissociative disorders- Coping & Personal Experiences

From - Plutchik's The Nature of Emotions

Ages & Stages handouts [detailing what to expect in terms of mental, emotional and social development from 1 month to 11 years old] website also has additional resources

Parents, how full is your emotional cup? Discover the Possibilities. . .

Gottman- Communicating with your partner in a open and successful way to better understand their wants/needs/goals in life

This mind map looks at gamification through the lens of Self-Determination Theory. In it, the intrinsic motivation is based on three principles: competence, autonomy and relatedness. #mindmap #doodle

Understanding Emotions. Emotions are essentially feeling states that have important and often complex information about our life experience. The English language limits the understanding of emotions since there are only a finite amount of words to identify these experiences.

Self respect life worth living

The Quick Fixes to Negative Emotions mind map created by Paul Foreman will help you to shine a light of awareness on your thoughts and break any potential spirals of negativity. The mind map breaks down how you can tackle your inner struggles and temporary mood fluctuations and offers some practical tips to help you combat negative emotions.

Name Map-This is a great getting to know you activity. The teacher creates one and shares it with the class. The teacher then allows the students to create their own "name map". The middle symbol represents them and then they have other symbols branching off of the center symbol that represent who they are and their interests. It also goes well after reading Chrysanthemum.

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Back to School: Beginning of the Year Activities Pack

Good counseling activity for getting to know kids and for their self awareness.