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  • Melody Laudermilk-Stiak

    lol people really are this stupid ~ Crown Point Indiana!!! I lived in this town for 20 years...... so proud! LOL

  • Alysia Burris

    move the deer crossing :p @Mary Burton read this it is from a crown point paper bahaha

  • Aide Fagg

    funny stuff

  • Dani Horton

    I hope to God this is a joke, someone surely can not be this stupid!!!!

  • Jessica Burch

    move the deer crossing - some people are just stupid.

  • Rachel Lyon

    Funny Pictures Of The Day 91 Pics

  • iheartnyc

    Can Deer Read Signs? | Kaycee C. posted this photo to Ellen’s Facebook page. It’s of an editorial in a newspaper asking to move a deer crossing sign because too many deer get hurt crossing there. Moving the sign might not work as well as they think. A better idea might be a deer crossing guard. Send us your favorite ‘What’s Wrong with This Photo?’ Photo!

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They’re all really good looking- the last one though.. How is that even possible?? this makes me really sad....whenever i run I look like a dying fish..

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Sometimes, you just need to put that baby on the floor and get yourself a Slurpee.

this made me laugh so hard! If I ever let an animal head hang in my home, it would look like this! serves the man that hung it there right. Gross but hysterical!

Some people are just so stupid and the word stupid doesn't even begin to describe them. . . //A Dosage Of Human Stupidity

I don't care if we don't talk, your existence still pisses me off.

I seriously hope this guy wasn't serious, and that girl that answered should be given a medal.

I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying.

Please make the extra days part of the weekend.

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