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Paint Chip and Shibori Quilt

it is a small rug, but think of big one like this

textile work by madartms, via Flickr this is a sarong. I used a sweing machine to create an outline and then hand died each area with a folding technique. I love how it almost looks like lighting.

amazing things with yarn....including the doggy dress-up at the bottom maria joão ribeiro

orange, coral, hot pink, turqouise, bright yellow and navy. it's my house's color scheme all in one hand-towel!

detail of woman's embroidered jacket - English ca. 1616 - linen with silk and metalic threads and metal bobbin lace

Scans from a vintage embroidery book via Cathy of California.

The Quilts of Ann Brauer: The promise of mountains. What is the energy we feel from mountains? Quilt--32x48".

Anni Albers | Black-White-Gold I cotton + jute + metallic ribbon | 25" x 19" | New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. | 1950