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    When the hashtags told the real story of what was going on. | 26 Times Tumblr Had Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

    If you read this and did not tear up, you have no soul

    Sometimes I see things like these and wonder if the person who made it is just making it up... but they make me really happy thinking about what happened after the books

    Ron & Hermione.i usually don't pin Harry potter pins, but this was too cute to pass up.

    True Story

    challenge accepted!

    Harry Potter Facts Part 8


    The awkward moment when the actor playing Harry Potter is a better representation of book Harry Potter than movie Harry Potter. This is gold.


    I feel bad for the Slytherins... wait... the mental image is too hilarious!

    A secret room behind Dumbledore's office. What?! *sputters*

    I was so sad they left this out of the movie, it was one of the most beautiful moments in the book.

    Just go and break my heart

    Harry Potter Tumblr #2

    NEVER NOTICED OMG and that comment "a way of life" XD OFF TO REREAD SERIES NOW

    14 Charts That Only Harry Potter Geeks Will Understand... we're called Potterheads get it right, Buzzfeed

    Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

    This is actually true