bleach pen

DIY Cardigan: make a plain t-shirt into a cardigan with a ribbon tie and bleach pen design.

Hey Wanderer: diy: bleach stamp pad

bleach pen shirt

Put paper cut outs on the shirt with spray adhesive to keep them in place, and spray the rest of the shirt lightly with bleach.

use cookie cutters and Cascade to bleach a print into old tees

Bleach pen shirts

Bleach Pen tees

Easy wardrobe update-- stamp a pattern on your clothes with bleach!

Bleach Pen shirt

bleach pen shirt

All you need is an old T-Shirt and a bleach pen to give new life to some of your shirts

Bleach initial tees using freezer paper, bleach, and squirt guns.

Lovely bleach pen design

Bleach Pen Tshirts: SUCH a good idea!

I like the concept of this project - except maybe make a mandala-like design or something organic like shells & use scraps of watercolor painted paper?

Bleach pen shirt idea.

how to: bleach art tees

Bleach pen designs - use this the next time I get bleach on a shirt!

bleach pen

Bleach T's