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Happy Boss's Day! To the ring leader of a dysfunctional circus we like to call coworkers!


Story of my life!!! lol

Best. Ecard. ever.


How you feel after a long-ass day. | 24 Products That Are Totally Feeling You Right Now

Let's Drink

Mermaid Blanket. Cutest Thing Ever! hmm want one for me

Lol thanx Mattie, this is too true (and funny) Aren't best friends the best?


Wine Wednesday

so funny

Morning Funny Pictures - 52 Pics

You are entirely up to you awesome site to make your own quote posters or posts.



Story of my life! 40 Of The Top Hilarious ECards On Drinking/Alcohol - Sarcastic Charm

Fancy word for what im doing half the time

POOP.... HAT! Where can I get one for my Shit head brother in law for his birthday!! As a gag gift of course!!

Cool white trash gift ideas that you'll love. Includes white trash wine glasses, candy infused vodka, and even a white trash cookbook!

White trash bash dream catcher