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  • A Road for Pilgrims

    Turkey's natural wonders

  • Christy Liao

    The Pristine Springs In Pamukkale. Translating as “cotton castle” in Turkish, the southwestern city of Pamukkale hosts a plethora of hot springs and travertines.

  • Nikki Smith

    Natural Infinity Pools of Pamukkale, Turkey #Travel

  • Wendy J. Havens

    Blue Hour, Natural Infinity Pool ~ Pamukkale, Turkey

  • Diana Faust

    Blue Dusk, Natural Hot Springs, Pamukkate, Turkey

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natural hot spring pools in turkey - people have bathed in them for thousands of years

Pamukkale is a natural wonder which is also known as the “Cotton Castle” located in the Denizli Province which is in the south western region of Turkey. This site is famous all around the world for its terraces of carbonate minerals which are formed due to the flowing water. The ancient city of Hierapolis was located here many centuries ago and it is now completely in ruins. The water that comes through an underground source in this area is said to be a cure for various diseases.

Antalya, Turkey - unfortunately, this seems to be a trick of photography as I haven't been able to confirm the existence of such a thing, but still...a pretty shot.

French Street, Istanbul. "Rue Franaise", with tented buildings, street musicians, cafés, bars and art centers... #Turkey

Bodrum Turkey. Be there in 50 days!

Kaputaş Beach - Antalya - Turkey

Trip to Ephesus, Turkey made the Bible verses I have read all my life, come alive.