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  • Barb Holly

    Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint recipe. So easy to make your own for all kinds of cool craft projects.

  • Lana Kota

    DIY chalkboard paint so we can make the exact color chalk board we like. I would love this for the pantry doors.

  • Debra

    Mix it Up. Diy chalkboard paint! How to create custom chalkboard paint color.

  • Bethany Lensgraf

    Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Recipe and Craft Ideas for Chalkboard Paint

  • Bethany Kaestner

    Mix it Up N Make Your Own Chalk Paint! You can find chalkboard paint at almost any crafts or art store or home center. But if you're longing for a hue that's not available on store shelves, concoct your own. To create your own custom color of chalk-ready paint, simply combine 1 cup latex paint in your desired shade with 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Use a paint stirrer to mix. During application, gently sand the dry layers of paint between coats with 150-grit sandpaper. Apply sever...

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french white chalk pencil for writing on slate, chalk boards or chalk board paint. via etsy.

Dip the stems in chalkboard paint. | 24 Clever Things To Do With Wine Glasses

Homemade Chalk Paint: Mix 1 cup of paint and 2 tablespoons unsanded tile grout with a paint stirrer until smooth. Paint with a roller or a foam applicator to a painted/primed surface making sure to get even coverage. After dry time lightly sand and wipe to remove dust. Rub area with chalk then wipe with barely damp cloth to prepare board for use.

DIY Chalkboard paint on a globe Ashley Greenwood I've decided for you that you will start collecting globes. :)

How to make your own Chalkboard Paint... I'm thinking that I need a few in red to match my room!

Four types of Chalkboard Chalk - Chalk Pencil (usually used for sewing and marking fabric - doesn't smudge and good for drawing details), Mechanical Chalk Pencil (used for sewing, makes skinny lines), Chalk Marker (for bold, smooth letters), Regular Chalk

Vintage mirrors with great shapes abound at flea markets. Score one for a few dollars, then transform it into a sophisticated message center. Remove the mirror from its frame, or use painter's tape to cover the frame. Spray several coats of magnetic spray paint on the mirror. Let dry between each coat. Then apply a layer of chalkboard paint and let dry.

How to make Homemade Chalkboard Paint (cheap and can make in any color!)

Kristen Bauer this is the FIRST thing we are drawing/writing on our chalkboard wall!