How to Choose a New or Used Ladies Bicycle/Bike

The Dannebrog classic ladies bicycle. Ride like royalty. Be a lady in red.

Lovely bicycle ladies (1942)

Victoria Classic Ladies Retro Bicycle | Velorbis Classic Bicycles

I have an image of riding one of these ladies bicycle wearing a flowing skirt and flowers in the basket

bicycle as a cultural agent of change.

Huffy Bicycles 26'' Deluxe Ladies' Cruiser Bicycle---for ME!

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As a kid i always wanted a vintage bike! I sooo want to fulfill this dream now with a gorgeous bike & basket!

bicycle -- I'll explain friday; I promise! :)

A Guide to Cycling for Ladies

Tao Porchon-Lynch is 94 years old, a yoga teacher, and dances Tango and Samba whenever she gets the chance! She says "I don't believe in age. I believe in the power of energy." Couldnt agree more....

Great exercises for your core.

Abandoned Bikes Make a Poignant Photography Show - sigh

Downtown Dance Collective - DDC Every Body, Every Ability

Why Not . . . Ride a Bike? I admit, I'm afraid to ride back UP the hill!

See The Wheel That Will Change Bikes Forever

Pretty bike love

Clearly, there is an issue here of sharing the road; the great majority of accidents are cars hitting cyclists, not cyclists hitting cars.

Helmet Cameras 'Black Boxes' for Cyclists