Make an AC unit from a cooler, desk fan & PVC elbows! Genius! ;)

really love this!

If you think Sharpies are just for writing, you'll want to check out these awesome projects!

A light bulb for the zombie apocalypse

{DIY Dollar Bill Butterfly}

How To Make A Nice Looking $70 Rocket Stove For $5. This Is Totally Awesome, And So Easy To Make!

pretty things: diy business cards.

How to Make an Air Conditioner

Camping Doughnut – Camp Tent Design by Sungha Lim, Hyunmook Lim & Han Kim

Cordless Water Pump - We've used this at our campsites for years. Awesome!

Simple Cheap Air Conditioner for your tent when camping... Sometimes it just gets tooooo hot! #camping #ourdoors

Using an alternator, mountain bike and an inverter, we build a bicycle generator, and make 110 volt electricity, run a human-powered 220 Watt food processor, and more! Ahhh...the power!

Homemade Air Conditioner DIY Project Worlds Cheapest AC! Do you know someone that needs AC in this crazy heat? This is a very simple DIY basic science video that will teach you how to make a fast and cheap Homemade Air Conditioner. This AC is encased in a foam cooler and uses ice for the cooling with a fan to move the cooled air into your h...

it's like cheating-- but just freaking awesome. How to make a tent air conditioner for under $20

30 Things you should have in your car at all time.

Create your own amplifying phone speaker out of a Pringles can! Click for directions and a demo video.

Handy stuff to know! Now if only I could remember it..