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    sherlock compliment.

    Sherloki vs. Hiddlebatch… And they're besties!!

    Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch

    this is my new answer to everything.

    Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson.

    Arthur's face is the best, Merlin's reaction cracks me up, and Gwaine was just priceless. Also, how did they not realize that Merlin has magic from this? <-- because Arthur is oblivious

    Hahahahahha too funny!!!

    Accidental sherlock compliment for Molly :)

    Sherlock & John

    Tom Hiddleston. In a TARDIS suit. O__O Enjoy

    This quote shows how special Watson is to Sherlock. He might not like everyone else but he let Watson into his life and accepted him. So the tight knit relationship between Sherlock and Watson is evident especially when one reads a story Sherlock refers to his assistant/friend as "my dear Watson"


    "Looks like Mrs. Hudson left Baker Street." haha oh my goodness!!

    Benedict Cumberbatch

    Beauty and the Beast + Sherlock = MAGIC!

    awww ordinary people...


    Oooohmy I like this too much.

    I love it when nerds are unsupervised with display equipment

    It sounds ridiculous. I'm in.

    I think we need Season Three too badly. We're shooting the wall, Moffat...

    Think it through next time.


    Benedict Cumberbatch, ladies & gentlemen....

    please never grow up Cumberbatch