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busy bag spin and spell. such a neat idea! And Easton could be just like his daddy and carry a few nuts and bolts with him everywhere. just in case!

Chia Cache This is a geocache made of concrete with some fake moss added for a hint of realism. Note the hot sauce is for size comparison only not for dipping.

Sarah Murphy on

Wow, someone went a little crazy with the zip ties to add a nano geocache to this fence post cap! (pics from Twitter stitched together & pinned to Geocache Ideas for Plastic Nanos - #IBGCp

Now here's a cool idea for how to attach a nano to its hiding spot. I'm not sure how long it would be before the spring would rust out, but hopefully it would last quite a while, & the camo paint might help. Geocaching in Texas.

Mini Coopers,Minis,Cars

This is how you make a geocache blend in! It looks like a post support, but it's really the geocache. Nice hollowed out hide. #IBGCp

1. Point out the location of geocaches as they pass them in a car My long-suffering muggle family and friends might humour me for the first few times I declare ‘there’s a cache just ove…