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Nonsense story born from the best quotes of the month | Design Catwalk | Morethanlove

The truth about common sense…

Make Your Own Sewing Machine Table! Create a Stained Glass Wall Mosaic! DIY Squeaky Dog Toys! How to Knit a Frilled Cast-On! Working Artist Studios! Crochet a Blue Sunburst! Piece a Red, White and Blue Scrappy Quilt! Personalize your Journals Noteb

Act 2 Scene 1 Polonius sends for his son because realizes he didn't tell him everything he should have before letting him go to France. Soon Ophelia enters with an astonishing story of Hamlet arriving to her late at night looking like a mad man. Polonius thinks Hamlet has gone crazy for Ophelia's love, and goes off to tell the king.

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