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Thirteen O' Clock • Volume 1

Jeremy Kolosine on South Florida Synth Punk and 8-Bit Operators' Depeche Mode Tribute blogs.miaminewtim... 8BitOperators depechemode micro-chipmusic MiamiNewTimes #tribute

Hunger City- David Bowie fan-art by 8bopkidz 8bopkidz.8bitops....

Lou Reed pixel-punk fan-art by 8bopkidz 8bopkidz.8bitops....

'series of suitcase' 8bitops gif tour flyer www.receptorsmusi...

Not sure if I mentioned, but Depeche Mode posted our tribute to them on Facebook and Twitter, and Martin and Vince helped personally approve the songs www.receptorsmusi...

this is a note. futurisk.bandcamp...

#fanart #pixelpunk #davidbowie #8bopkidz www.8bitoperators... #8bitops #presentlegend #hungercity

chipmusic & 8BitOperators & Depeche Mode Tribute feat. Electronic Music September 2014 Vintage Issue

8-Bit Operators presents: ComputeHer - "Strangelove" (+playlist)

8-Bit Operators: Enjoy The Science: Tribute To Depeche Mode CD

Premiere: 8-Bit Operators’ ‘Enjoy the Science: Tribute to Depeche Mode’ full-album stream

Photographic ((Megamix feat. Justin Emerson, 8-Bit Weapon, Varsovia, Bobby Baily, Chris Tucker, Frank Lardino, Richard Hess & Ian Lloyd)),

CD / DL PRE ORDER www.8bitoperators...

8-Bit Operators - Kraftwerk, Devo, Beatles & Depeche Mode covers. by 8-Bit Operators on SoundCloud

Matt Nida & Lisa Schumann - Policy Of Truth (8bitops Depeche Mode tribute) by 8-Bit Operators on SoundCloud

GwEm - Martyr - 8bitops - Depeche Mode Tribute by 8-Bit Operators on SoundCloud

8bitoperators.ban... music merch 8​-​Bit Operators - Depeche Mode Tribute PROMOMIX from Depeche Mode Tribute - Enjoy The SCIENCE! by 8-Bit Operators

Mikro Orchestra - Personal Jesus (instrumental Mix)8-Bit Operators - Depeche Mode Tribute by 8-Bit Operators on SoundCloud

8bitops do DEVO

8bitops do Kraftwerk

8bitops do The Beatles

THIS MACHINE KILLS WTVR - T-SHIRT FUTURISK www.receptorsmusi... futurisk.bandcamp...

FUTURISK SYNTHPUNK T-SHIRT (FREE SHIPPING) FUTURISK's 1980s SYNTHPUNK response to the famous 1976 punk flyer. (FREE worldwide shipping). 8bitoperators.ban...