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    German Calvary circa WWII



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    German tournament helm

    German soldier

    1935 : Cavalry Training

    Close Helmet made in Nuremberg Germany Engraved Steel and Brass 1535-1540 CE by mharrsch, via Flickr

    1940 London at War - East End London 1940 - Ramlay family load a horse drawn cart with furniture while moving from their bombed out East End home, destroyed during a German air raid attack on the city.

    Postwoman 1942

    Horse Guards Parade London - This is a divided back postcard dated 1904 and shows three Coldstream Guardsmen on Horse Guards Parade with the Cadiz Memorial in the background. The Cadiz Memorial is a French mortar in the shape of a Chinese Dragon, it was given to the Prince Regent in 1812 by the Spanish Government to mark the lifting of the siege of Cadiz by the Duke of Wellington during the Peninsular war.

    Heavy fleece coats and balaclavas worn by soldiers performing sentry duties in colder climes. Also of note are their painted M.15 Pickelhauben, an attempt at camouflaging helmets that were ultimately entirely unsuitable for modern warfare, even by 1914 standards.

    "Armour does not say time period at source, but this is a Persian helm. At a guess I'd say 1550s- late 1600s."

    Horse's gas mask, found at a German equipment dump in Rozières, France, in August 1918 by the British Army. Wellcome Images.

    WWII German Soldier in A Gas Mask

    Ww2 • German Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) in France • 21 June 1944

    A German column on the move, horses and all. Fuel problems continued to grow as the achilles heel of the Germany Army as the war drug on...

    The Sutton Hoo burial site has been dated 7th century AD and is thought to be that of Rædwald ruler of the East Angles. Among the many treasures at the head of a suit of decorative mail armor was this iron helmet (replica) tin leaf and bronze were pure decoration. There is what appears to be a bird framing the eyes, nose and forehead.

    Close helmet

    One of Napoleon's plumed helmets emblazoned with gold imperial eagle 19th century CE Royal Palace of Fontainebleau


    A German sentry, bravely armed with only a bayonet, a nightshirt and the kampfkatze "Fritz". A latrine can be seen in the background.

    USO dance, 1943 (New York)

    Ludwig Hohlwein. Join us. Steel Helmet Youth. 1920-1923