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    I have extensive medical knowledge from watching Grey's, House (also a few ER reruns).

    Life of nursing students ! Just 4 classes left until my RN then onto BSN then nurse practitioner school. So school forever

    'Wait, what? You lost your mucus plug? And it's your due date? Why, yes! You need to come to labor and delivery right away!' ...said no labor nurse ever.

    Funny Nurses Week Ecard: 'I'm so excited for clinical this morning.' Said no nursing student ever.

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    Yeah pretty much


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    Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Sir, please calm down. As your nurse I can honestly say that your bleeding will stop... Eventually.

    sad but true

    I took a personal sick and tired of being understaffed day today.

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    Happy Nurses Week!

    Funny Nurses Week Ecard: You can't fix stupid...but you can sedate it. Happy Nurses Week.

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    Funny Confession Ecard: You might be a nurse if you firmly believe that 'too stupid to live' should be a diagnosis.