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Wow your clients with these totally customizable display guides featuring photo print (with optional customizable frames and mats) and canvas grouping ideas on a variety of modern room backgrounds!

Lovely Framing Compositions. Learn how to properly hang your pictures and find more framing and decor ideas this will help in my new house...

Frame Hanging Tips: If you have a generous amount of horizontal wall space, draw an imaginary line on your wall and place artwork above and below the line. If you want to fill vertical wall space, create a square or rectangle on your wall with painter's tape and loosely arrange your pieces inside.

from Pottery Barn

6 Ways to Set Up a Gallery Wall

Spiral Gallery Wall Layout Tip: start with placing the center frame, and then spiral out the other frames in the arrangement you see. Make sure there is an even amount of space between all of the other frames and the center frame. The outer frames will lend to a natural square shape.