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Mini loft bed to make a fort. How cool is that concept!! Fun

Amen! "You are Loved by God" "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, King Jesus Christ, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life"................John 3:16-21

INDOOR window box for girls room, too cute...The simplest way I to make this is..purchase a simple plastic window flower box from your local garden supply store. Cover the front, bottom and side with fabric (a hot glue gun ). Colour choices, flowers etc are yours. Add a " brick " of floral or styrofoam so that flowers etc can be pushed into it. It should be light weight and easy to hang.

Owl Wall Decal...I don't know what it is about these owls...but I love them :-) And totally want them for my one of my kid's rooms whenever I have some.

Santa, I promise to be good this year, just PLEASE let this drop this playhouse into my yard this year, please!!!

Its like Never Never Land for princess peas!! Best baby room ever by Beth Rosa.

Tips for painting Stripes...Lay out your tape lines, then seal the edges of the tape with your original color using a brush or roller. Let dry, then paint your contrasting stripe color over that, and remove the tape while the paint is still a bit wet. Not only will you get a clean stripe, but the only seepage you’ll get is in the original paint color.

We were just discussing converting Mya's day crib bed into a twin one of these days, she already got her Dora bedding for her 2 yr bday, and hasn't used it yet. We are SO doing this in her room, which is smaller, and this is a perfect idea!