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this set up is gorgeous!!! "using bunting in the background" making a fake wall that can be used?

Christina Childress Simon Gammon...can i please do this with baby G?? I want to take some newborn shots of her when she gets here...

idea for my new crate i scored at a garage sale for $4!

Gorgeous set if photos. Love the blanket and colors

Many newborn photos are photoshopped, just like this one. Don't ever do something to put a baby in danger. Photoshop is much easier and safer. ;)

simple crate prop & chocolate flooring and the pop of color from her shoes! Precious!

Safety first! Remember, it may be photoshopped so don't try this at home (this goes for hammocks too).

Newborn shoot ideas. In case I convince Daniel Morgan Morgan Ritchey to have another baby ;-)

Before & After: Behind the scenes from one of my newborn shoots.

candrews - last setup out of the shot are baskets, blankets, a tiny bed.