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Children's book writer, Wendy Salter, and her family raise silkie bantam chickens. In Wendy's Sugarplum Recipes Book Series, the Sugarplum family lives on an organic egg farm with two pet chickens named Tuturella and Bow-Tie Boy. Children's book writer

chickens following their human around the yard | farm animals + pet photography #chickens

{farm fresh eggs} Andrew Montgomery: Farmhouse Cookbook

Did you know?!?!?! You can tell what color egg a hen will lay by looking at the color of her earlobes? Light (white) earlobes - white egg!! Dark (brown) earlobes - Brown egg!!! Huh the things you learn at TSC while waiting on your husband to dig his way out of the plumbing section!!!

And a chick chick here and a chick chick the country!